Stefan Ivanov

UX Manager, Infragistics Inc.

Design in the New Normal

20 mins
Design Leadership & Influence

Design Leaders
Senior Designers

About The Speaker

I am a master’s graduate of RWTH-Aachen, Germany in Media Informatics with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction and UX Design. After graduating I took an interesting career path including mobile app development, failing a startup, leading a number of UX Design courses, establishing my own agency, and helping define the experience and vision of Infragistics products climbing the ladder over the past six years and taking the responsibility to lead a team of 7 other UX designers and UI developers as UX Manager.

Design in the New Normal

In this talk I want to share how product teams should prepare for collaboration in the new normal by bringing their tools and processes together. I want to stress how we as design leaders should equip our teams for better remote collaboration and stimulate them to preserve their focus on the user via remote user testing.

I also want to touch on improving collaboration with developers and stakeholders when practically everyone is remote and detached but has to stay aligned with the product goals and vision.

Key Takeaways


Building a design system on steroids.


Integrating user testing.


Minimal design handoff.

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