Sneha Bhadauria

Independent Design Consultant

My Affair With Innovation

18 mins
Design Leadership & Influence

Mid-level Designers

About The Speaker

What she brings to the table is 10 years of experience with a strong sense of research, pattern analysis, conceptual design, future design, interaction design, innovation, and visual experience design.

She believes in the magic, that design brings to every human it touches. She has a strong grip on understanding businesses and users, which helps me design holistic solutions that focus on ROI and delight (wow).

“She firmly believes that we can solve business problems by, solving user’s

My Affair With Innovation

There are many definitions of innovation, each more interesting than the other. But fundamentally all talk about the same thing, new, disruptive or magical. I feel it’s a lot more practical, almost tangible and the source is each individual’s observation about the world around them.

Innovation is also not just for a few, it’s not for experts or innovators only. Innovators became innovators after they create something. It’s more about the diversity in self’s thought, where an individual can go beyond their own beliefs and analyze data and situations. Each individual who is capable of creating this diversity in thought and their team’s thought can innovate even at the most basic level, to disrupting eco-systems.

The curiosity and romance for innovation, makes me believe, Innovation is a well-curated idea, processed through the churn of its value/need. Which is finally executed with the same zeal, as at the moment of the concept. But at each moment, “Love WHY you do something, not WHAT you do with it!”

Key Takeaways


What is innovation mindset and how can you train yourself for it.


Understanding data, information and insights.


Methods and tricks to make valuable innovations everyday.

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