Sherline Pimenta

Founder, Kathanika

Abra Ka Dabra: Using the magic of stories to impart information

18 mins
Broader impact & change through design

Design Leaders

About The Speaker

The Master Storyteller at Kathanika, her passion is to explore how people make sense of the world around them. Her interests include narrative studies, experience design, communication design and visual language.

Sherline received her Ph.D. in 2011 from IIT Bombay. Her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Moment and Moments: Discourse in Static Visual Narratives’ explores how stories (written or oral) are communicated through static images using the structuralist perspective. Sherline’s other interests include design thinking, mythology, culture studies, people behavior (psychology, sociology, philosophy), and art history.

Abra Ka Dabra: Using the magic of stories to impart information

Dispensing information can be a dry task, but what if we were to tell you this can be accomplished in a manner that can delight the listener and help them recall?

Don’t believe us? Tune in to find out.

Key Takeaways


Why storytelling is important in design.


Why designers should be good storytellers.


Rediscover an old technique to bring delight back to design.

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