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Founder, DesignWhine Magazine

How I learned to stop worrying (about COVID-19) and design OTT applications

18 mins
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About The Speaker

With 10+ years of experience in the design world, I work full-time as an Experience Design Manager for TO THE NEW Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi NCR, India, and moonlight as the Founder and Editor-In-Chief at DesignWhine Magazine.

My experience in design spreads over a multitude of domains and industries which include the likes of Travel, Healthcare, E-commerce, Public Sector, OTT, SmartTV, Education, Social Service, Banking, and Finance.

How I learned to stop worrying (about COVID-19) and design OTT applications

Already on the rise, there has been a massive surge in the OTT platform subscriptions in India and across the world in the wake of COVID-19. An estimated 500 million users are expected to be having one or more OTT platform subscriptions in India by 2022. That’s a massive amount of users. It is about time we talk about the UI/UX of binge-watching, its best practices, pitfalls, and future trends.

Key Takeaways


How to design OTT apps for better content discovery.


How to increase user engagement and retention on OTT apps.


Making way for user-generated, short-form content on OTT apps.

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