Priyanka Godbole & Trace Byrd

Product Design Lead & Art Director, Facebook

Inclusive Design With Design Systems

18 mins
Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes


About The Speakers

Priyanka is a Product Design Lead on Facebook’s Business Design System, which serves all Ads & Business products. She has an engineering degree and is a self-taught designer. She has found this unique blend of skills to be very beneficial for her work in Design Systems.

Trace Byrd is an illustrator and art director who focuses on the intersection of brand and product design. He has worked on illustration and design systems at Facebook and Atlassian where he has championed more inclusive visual storytelling.

Inclusive Design With Design Systems

Often when we think about inclusivity in products, we think about accessibility. We think about color contrast and labels and all the best practices defined in both web & mobile Accessibility guidelines. But this is not enough to make products truly inclusive.

So, we will be covering two types of inclusion today – functional and emotional. You can think of functional inclusivity as relating to how the product actually works for people. And emotional inclusivity as how the product makes people feel when they are using the product. We will talk about practical tips and techniques to allow Universal Design and Inclusive Storytelling in products.

Key Takeaways


To build truly inclusive products, think about both functional and emotional inclusivity.


Universal design is accessible to all. Learn about some trade-offs.


Actively search for opportunities for inclusive storytelling in the product.

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