Paul Sherman

Associate Professor, Kent State University

Accessibility Is The New Normal

30 mins
Design Leadership & Influence

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About The Speaker

Dr. Paul Sherman has worked in user experience since the days of dial-up. He is the founder of ShermanUX, a user experience research and design consultancy. He has conducted user research, usability testing and UX design for mobile, web and desktop in many domains including accounting; banking; e-commerce; financial planning and portfolio management; healthcare; mobile gaming; mobile device hardware and software; network, server and cloud application security; tax preparation; and travel, among others. He also creates and teaches graduate courses in user experience research and design at Kent State University, where is he is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the User Experience Design Master’s program.

During the 2000’s he was Senior Director of User-Centered Design at Sage Software in Atlanta, Georgia, where he led efforts to redesign the UI and workflow for Peachtree Accounting and several other business management desktops and web-based products. He was also a User-Centered Design Manager at Intuit. In the 1990s he was a Member of the Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies. Paul received his Ph.D. in 1997 from the University of Texas at Austin.

Accessibility Is The New Normal

What happens when an organization accumulates UX debt in the form of inaccessibility…and what are the first steps to making their digital technology accessible to people with disabilities?

This case study will relate the speaker’s experiences working with a client to identify accessibility issues using multiple assessment methods, as well as describe what design and governance processes the client organization and I worked together to define and implement.

Key Takeaways


With most people using digital devices, ensuring accessibility is now basically a must-do.


Organizations must assess their technology for accessibility using multiple methods.


Like UX design and research, accessibility guidelines and processes must be implemented at the team and organization level.

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