Mohit Goel

Product Designer, ADP India

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow

18 mins
Broader impact & change through design

Design Leaders
Mid-level Designers

About The Speaker

My name is Mohit Goel & I am a Product Designer. I come from the Product design world, where I worked for nearly 6 years now in Mobile & Enterprise products. I have been fortunate to talk at various prestigious design conferences in the past 5 years. I am interested in Behaviour science and how this knowledge can be used to make experiences more delightful and humane. I have been using cartooning to upscale my design to more contextual and engage the team on a common surface.

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow

When we talk about ‘normal’ and ‘crisis’, one thing is for sure – this phase of time is a time when humans are re-telling various stories to themselves with a new narrative, have turned to storytellers & for the record, this is not the first time. We also have a few stories which will help the audience to introspect and also inspire them. We will start with a brief analysis and then start a discussion about similar situations across time & history & take – ways from them. This will be followed by behavioral analysis of narratives adopted by various countries. Then, we will discuss the very definitions of the topic itself. We will share a story to analyze the relevance of changing user experience design paradigm in ADP (an enterprise company) in the new normal and how we have adapted design practices in the ‘new normal’. This whole ‘work from home’ scenario is also changing the whole definition of ‘me time’ for family members.

We will discuss a few interesting case studies as well. The talk ends with a few questions that aim to inspire the audience to use design thinking in telling those stories, to themselves and around in these crisis times.

Key Takeaways


The importance of adapting with evolving definitions over time.


Inspire audience to use design thinking in retelling their own normal life
stories to themselves & their family.


Insights of how we effectively work as a team in a complex enterprise team
across countries.

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