Mario Van der Meulen

Head Of CX, Tribal Worldwide

Leading and Aligning To The New Normal

30 mins
Design Leadership & Influence

Design Leaders

About The Speaker

A designer/strategist with 25 years of international experience, Mario is purpose-
built to innovate user experiences for businesses. Using the design, research, and service strategy models, he shapes the now, near, and next for brands to excel in the current culture – and in the rapidly unfolding future.

Author and speaker on Creativity, Innovation and Design Mindset, Mario aims to inspire brands and technology to work on human terms, and create a future that looks and feels more human by design, not less because of it.

Leading and Aligning To The New Normal

It’s a reasonable statement to make; 2020 can be considered an inflection year. A turning point that brought dramatic change, with positive or negative results. How do we, as humans and design professionals, manage and navigate such a significant change to continue the progress of a company, industry, sector, or even an economy or society?

If the past year has revealed anything, it is that we can no longer overlook the single most important skill to lead and align others – and yourself – to a constantly changing world. In the talk “leading and aligning to the new normal” Mario will unpack that one skill. This talk is the ‘advice he would give his younger self’ and aims to bring a focus on a key practice that brings individuals together, as individuals, and have them change things for good. Together.

Key Takeaways


The core skill to invest and develop to lead teams, clients and others through


Understanding the rules of communication.


How to expand your range and capabilities in that core skill.

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