Leslie Fountain

Executive Director, Foolproof

Design Thinking: Creating Stability For Agility

18 mins
Broader impact & change through design

Mid-level Designers

About The Speaker

As Executive Director and Global Head of Foolproof’s XD practice, Leslie takes pride in combining her passion for human-centered design with helping some of the world’s biggest brands to solve complex design challenges. Her most recent work involves supporting global companies in transforming their digital thinking and business culture.

Leslie believes strongly in supporting and developing future design leaders through shaping university programs, designing mentoring programs, and sharing regularly at industry events. Leslie’s professional expertise includes strategy and planning; service design; business development; design research; and agile design methodologies.

Design Thinking: Creating Stability For Agility

Our world has radically changed. We are working, playing, and living in difficult and uncertain times. Things which would have previously been taken weeks now take a matter of days. We rely on digital channels to connect. We are all finding our way, as our global economy recovers in a K shape – with different industries and markets recovering at different rates. Those industries struggling to recover, need to reimagine what they do. People working in those on the up are thinking about what to do next. Disruption, resilience, innovation, and adaptability are the words on everyone’s lips.

The good news is the power of Design Thinking can help individuals and businesses to re-invent themselves. It’s much more than simply design craft; it develops critical thinking, builds empathy, helps you sense your environment, and enables you to pivot and respond to changing market conditions. In this talk, Leslie Fountain, Executive Director of Practice at Foolproof, will explore how you can bring design thinking into your day to day. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new future or looking to promote design-led change from within.

Key Takeaways


Create a stable base by broadening your comfort zone and reach.


Build critical thinking and experimentation.


Apply empathy and sensing to remain relevant in changing times.

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