Jeffery Dernbach

Senior UX Designer, T-Mobile

Designing In Unscripted Times

30 mins
Broader impact & change through design

Product Managers

About The Speaker

I am a user experience strategist focusing on design for extraordinary users in non-office based environments. My research focus is on Behavioral Game Theory and how it can be applied with designer problems by focusing on designer’s agency improve their ability to sell the design to stakeholders and multi-disciplinary teams to realize impactful user experiences.

Currently designing and researching with T- Mobile in an agile design team creating the future of communications software.

Designing In Unscripted Times

The world has changed more in the past year than in the last one hundred. A global pandemic forced many of us to reflect inwards on ourselves of what it means to be human, what it means to be part of the world, stopped by an entity we cannot see. We were born and live in a world we largely take for granted. In the past year, we have discovered new ways to socialize, conduct business, and learn. Within these unfamiliar challenges of social and physical isolation, new opportunities have arisen for innovation and design. Commerce, travel, socialization, even elections, and what it means to be human has been transformed. New problems have arisen, and old ones have disappeared, albite only temporary.

Our immobility caused hazy skies to become clear, gray skies to turn blue, and we learned firsthand the impact we human beings have had on our planet and what life is like with us and would be like without us. We as empathetic UX/CX professionals are at a crossroads of how we can positively change the narrative. Our realizations, skills, and tools give us a unique advantage to help shape what comes next.

Key Takeaways


What is the future of work?


How we will socialize and conduct business going forward?


What can we do as designers to prepare for the next global challenge?

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