Jayasri Nagrale

Design Lead, ServiceNow

Embracing Lifelong Learning & Finding Mentors

18 mins
Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Mid-level Designers

About The Speaker

Leading the design of ITSM Employee Experience at ServiceNow, I represent UX and the end-user as I partner closely with our Product, Engineering, and Global Business colleagues to deliver on our overall mission.

From helping design teams grow to design world-class business software for organizations, I enjoy the journey and the outcome of the User-Centered Design process. I help teams envision and build the products their customers want.

Being a user advocate, my work involves vetting concepts for feasibility to testing them with rapid prototyping – my team & I drive product success for industry leaders around the globe.

My background includes extensive hands-on digital product design for consumer & enterprise products. I enjoy leading design teams, conducting extensive User Experience Research & User Experience Design & Measuring User Experience.

Embracing Lifelong Learning & Finding Mentors

Growth and learning are inter-twined. This talk highlights the importance of being a lifelong learner.

It helps the listener understand how to evaluate the self, chalk out a learning path, and how to take the help of Mentors along the way.

The second half of this talk is focused on a Mentor-Mentee relationship and how to nurture and cultivate that to bring out the best in both.

Closing thoughts would motivate the listener to take control of their learning, growth, motivation, and thus career.

Key Takeaways


Become a learner for life.


Build your learning path.


Finding and working with Mentors.

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