Indi Young

Problem Space Researcher

Paying Better attention to the problem

50 mins
Design Systems, Research, Methods, And Processes


About The Speaker

I’m a thought leader in Product Strategy. I start with the problem space, deeply understanding the inner thinking of people as they pursue a purpose, and discovering different thinking styles that your org is not yet supporting. Let’s seek ways to be more inclusive! I teach practitioners a life-changing approach of Listening deeply, building cognitive empathy over time, and properly handling qualitative data analysis.

No shortcuts, assumptions, or unconscious bias. I’ve written a few books, speak frequently, and always make ways for you to join my courses no matter what your circumstances.

Paying Better attention to the problem

“The idea is the place to start.” “Fall in Love with the problem.” “Get out of the building.” Our practice knows the foundation of a well-deserved experience begins with understanding the user. But our world is still full of generic software written: “for everyone.” The way to fight past our current state is to pay attention to what comes before ideas and to pay attention to people before they even become a potential user. It’s not about generating ideas. It’s about understanding the purposes of different people.

In this talk, Indi will outline methods for approaching this problem space with empathy and demonstrate techniques to explore problems and bring creative solutions, taking what can be a touchy-feely topic and breaking it down into something tangible, understandable, and actionable.

Key Takeaways


Pay attention to people before they become users.


Design for people as they are unique with personalities and preferences.


Learn how to go about this touchy topic with actionable outcomes.

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