Bhavana Nissima

Owner, The Lightweaver House of NLP

Designing Warm

18 mins
Broader impact & change through design

Mid-level Designers
Design Leaders

About The Speaker

Arko has been in the design industry for more than 17 years, he has worked as a freelancer, programmer, designer, UX engineer, UX lead, and Strategist. He has worked for and with Startups, MNCs, and SMBs both as an employee and a consultant.

Currently, he manages a design system for 20+ products in the HCL Software brand as he and his UI/UXCoE team provide strategic guidelines and intervention to 70+ designers across 30+ products.

Designing Warm

I walked into a small wooded area. There were trees, rising and spreading and dropping leaves. And smaller plants, in and around the tree. And one of those smaller plants had a weaver bird’s nest, hanging ever so gently, intricately woven the leaves and twigs of the environment. And there were other birds too. And the earth below was rich with activity, microbes composting health into the system. And I remember an online event which was designed to awe the participants, where all ads and posters had to stay dissociated—no human images on the ads, I was told. Just services. And I remember Nora Bateson of International Bateson Institute, demonstrated how the design of the UN Sustainable Development Goals was a Batesonian Logical Type error. That we design-freeze higher-level abstractions. Complexity reduced into rectangular boxes, the Nominalisation in Design.

In this talk, I will introduce Gregory Bateson and Nora Bateson’s ideas on systems, relational, and abductive processes as it relates to language and sensory representations in design.

Key Takeaways


That experience is complex.


Everything links to everything else.


Bring living systems into design.

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