Call for Speaker Entries

Please submit your entries to speak at UXINDIA 2020 and make our 16th edition a great success and a memorable one for our audience and for yourself. We have a very high bar for content to sustain the competition and deliver beyond the industry expectations.

UXIndia 2020 – Call For Speakers

16 years of UX.

UXINDIA is proud to announce its 16th edition. We are now open for speaker proposals and looking forward to your content to be a key element of delivering a great experience to our audience. UXINDIA, the biggest conference on design has been pioneering design for over 16 years. The event includes enthralling talks, unique workshops, and thought-provoking interactions lead by passionate thinkers and makers.

UXINDIA 2020 – Inspiration, education and skills development.

With the evolution of tech and business, the influence of design has evolved too. We have come a long way from designing product interfaces for feedback and response, to creating user and customer experiences. Going beyond UX/UI, the role of design becomes paramount than ever in designing experiences for humans that reflect a sense of responsibility, and that instills trust and confidence in the emerging tech.

Tech is now ready to tackle the mundane and will eventually be able to handle the sophisticated too thereby enhancing our abilities to take up more challenging and ambitious tasks of tomorrow. So should our design be human-friendly or tech-friendly? What does it take to design experiences that bring the very essence of human to our interactions with tech? How do we design for such a transition?

Our audienceA mix of highly experienced, early to mid and senior to students.

16 years is quite a long journey during which we have seen our industry transform from a nice-to-have skill to an industry transformative practice. We get a tonne of interest every year from the graduating students and young designers in the early to mid experience range. With their huge appetite for learning and hunger for growth, they are constantly looking for inspiration material that boosts their design IQ and that helps them learn new skills through workshops.

Submit your topic.

Submit a topic in any of these areas. We recommend making your entry a strong one with a case study.

Experiences, Artifacts, and Emerging Tech

Interactions with digital artifacts and technologies are an inescapable facet of our everyday experience. Explore new relationships and intersections amongst and between experiences, artifacts, and technologies like AI, VR, and the ways in which meaningful and impactful interactions are designed, crafted, and engendered.

Design Leadership & Influence

Bring your inspiring stories on transformation and impact led by design influence and leadership. A great source of inspiration for our audience interested to follow in your footsteps and successfully drive design influence in their organizations and domains.

Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Share your inventions and insights that open up new spaces for design, allow for engagement with new business groups, communities, and enable designers. How to go about creating design systems essential in elevating and broadening the playfield for design.

Broader impact & change through design

Design has the potential to enact positive change and/or tackle large-scale and complex societal, cultural, economic, environmental, and/or political challenges in the world. Share interesting non-main stream projects with design at the core.

Submission tracks

We encourage speakers to orient their presentations or connect to the theme ‘Social Impact By Design’. Your opinions and perspectives will help inform and influence the role of design in emergent tech as we evolve.


We are inviting different types of talks to accommodate varied insights, learnings, and research.


UXINDIA is India’s biggest international conference, attracting some of the most diverse national and international audience from top Enterprises, Startups, and Academia. Leading the pack is our loyal community that contributes to the vision and mission of UXINDIA and at the same time, they seek to up-level themselves and grow in their careers.

UXINDIA 2020 Conference

Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. Look forward to seeing you at the conference.

[email protected]

Important Dates

  • 26th Oct

    Call for talk proposals opens.

  • 7th Nov

    Talk proposal submission deadline extended.

  • 8th Nov

    Notification of talk acceptance.

  • 21st Nov

    Deadline for speakers to confirm their participation.

Please submit your entries to speak at UXINDIA 2020 and make our 16th edition a great success and a memorable one for our audience and for yourself. We have a very high bar for content to sustain the competition and deliver beyond the industry expectations.

Here’s some tips on what to we’re look­ing for from you:

  1. Who are you? Tell us a bit about your­self and show us your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Exam­ples of where you have spo­ken at pre­vi­ous­ly, ide­al­ly with links to videos and Slideshares or past speak­er engagements.
  3. Details of your talk or work­shop proposal.
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