At Design XPO,
you will learn to create
experiences that inform,
entertain, and inspire

Design XPO’19

On 10th Sep at Novotel-HICC, Hyderabad

With a festival like atmosphere, this year’s Design XPO provides an opportunity to connect top design agencies, enterprises and design schools with the best of design talent, busines leaders, parents and enthusiasts.

Design career counseling and orientation, Design book launch, Design demos, UX ladder, Talent fair, Design X Social exhibits are the highlight of the networking event.

If you are looking to showcase your product / demo or setting up a stall at Design XPO, and sponsorship queries, please drop us an email – [email protected]

A showcase event with networking

This event is nothing less than a celebration where a lot of programs will run
concurrently, being conducted in separate compartments, each targeting the right
audience with a total arrangement of around 1000 people.

Talent Fair

UX Talent Fair is a showcase event for top design agencies and enterprises to connect with the best of design talent. With a festival like atmosphere, this year’s UX Talent Fair will have several stalls set up by top design agencies, and enterprises to educate, interact, and engage with our audience

Design X Social Exhibition

All the participants present (a poster) at XPO on 10th Sep’2019 and The winners will be awarded Design X Social Awards at the UXINDIA International Conference 2019.

Design Career Orientation

If you are looking for a career in Design, our Career orientation program will help you clarify your doubts about the right design school to join. Our basic aim is to educate the students providing them a comprehensive set of information which will prepare them for a successful designing career.

UX Ladder

‘UXLadder’, a one of a kind unconference on design careers. UXLadder is a series of audience driven discussions, where experts/mentors from the industry address questions and challenges faced by UX talent in advancing their career.

Book Launch

A book launch event will run simultaneously promoting the release of books by three of our speakers/ authors. Inviting audiences to build a personal connection between an author and listeners followed by distribution of free copies of the book.

Design Demos

Some of the eminent designers to present their product, a result of their passionate and creative work before the audiences or prospective clients which will help them to see a designer’s point of view in bringing a solution to a problem.

How to be a part of Design XPO

Are you a design agency, or a design group in an enterprise, or a startup?

This is your chance to join leading design agencies in showcasing your product, projects, process and team by setting up a stall at UX Talent Fair. Our talented, loyal design community would be delighted to have a chance to know more about you, gain more exposure and learn about career opportunities.

Are you a Design School/ Institution?

This is your chance to join leading design schools in showcasing your course offerings, student projects and facilities by setting up a stall at Design Career Orientation at XPO. You will also be given 18min talk session to present.

Recruiting – Full timers and interns

Connect with our Design Community of 60,000+ great talent from Industry and Academia


Showcase your business at the India’s biggest UX design conference that attracts more than 1000 participants from all over India and abroad

What does it take?

Octonorm stall (2 m x 1 m) cost is INR 59, 998 + GST

What will you receive?

  • Get 3 conference passes (Standard category) for 3 days
  • A table & chair and the printed stall for FREE
  • We can help you with vendors if you need TV or Monitor display
  • Send your job requirements to post it on UXINDIA19 site
  • Post your jobs and intern positions for free on our
  • Job Board at the venue .
  • Connect with talented freelancers at our Freelancer’s Wall
  • Get 20% discount for the additional conference passes for 3days

How to get the 2m x 1m stall space for FREE?

  • Simple. Just register 5 participants for all 3days of the conference.
  • A table & chair and the stall space for FREE

Date and Venue:

This unique micro event will be held on the day of 10th Sep 2019 from 1pm to 7 pm over a networking snack at UXINDIA’19, Novotel-HICC, Hyderabad.

Send us your details to setup a stall. We will guide you.

Participating Organizations

Design XPO Gallery

Send us your details to setup a stall. We will guide you.

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