Lead (Research and Insights)
Development Bank of Singapore
Upasna has been conducting HCD/HCI focused research for over 7 years now. Known for establishing research practices from ground up, she is a passionate user researcher leading and growing teams with both usability/non usability mindset in SEA region. Bringing the impact of user research impact beyond design, product, technology teams to make UX everyone’s responsibility.
3 hrs Workshop (Half Day hands on)
Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate
Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Data Driven UX Research: Workshop on how to get the best out of Ethnography, Surveys and Online Behavioral Data.

In this workshop, we look at the age old question of how to bring quantitative and qualitative data together to help make product management data driven, by default. While some product teams are more quantitative focused, others really value ethnographic research methods like cultural probing and diary studies for their richness. When to use what? Can they be combined? The answer is a resounding yes. Through mixed method research, we can harness the power of all multiple research methods. This half-day workshop will help you give you the mental alignment by sharing a ready to use framework to give the confidence to improve work processes in your workplace. Will share practical examples and also work on hands on activities to see it in action! 

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Three key takeaways

Travel Experiences are unique! What works for one market may not work for the other How to do cultural probing as part of handling culture as an important factor that influences products and services.

Rough outline of the workshop

[15 minute] Introduction
[15 minute] What is mixed method research?
[15 minute] How to kickstart a data quest within your company?
[15 minute activity] Use flow-chart provided to complete a data jungle
[15 minute activity] How to measure success? Metrics, conversions, sessions, leads etc.
[15 minute presentation] Getting maximum alignment
[30 minute presentation/activity] Story time 2 practical examples
[30 minute activity] Create your own story!
[10 minute discussion] Closing comments and Q&A
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