Design Lead
Airbnb, United States


Tin Kadoic is Design Lead at Airbnb. From Croatia, living in San Francisco, he strives for a world in which one can belong anywhere.
He is a core member of the IxDA (Interaction Design Association) European Team, helping new chapters and leaders nurture their local communities. Previously led Experience Design at SYPartners, Five, and Brlog as well as lectured at Zagreb’s School of Design.
30 min Case study
Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate
Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Designing designer’s time

What does a week in a life of a designer look like? How successful are we in managing the complexities that come with designing for society-first, user-centric experiences while still maintaining collaboration, creativity and innovation. How do we invest our time throughout the (work) day, and what are the challenges behind connecting our micro-actions, habits, and how we spend our hours to the impact we have on our projects, teams, and communities.

Drawing inspiration from 15y of experience working as a freelancer, studio owner, consultant, lecturer, startup designer, and in-house designer, the  goal is to deconstruct how vastly different our activities might be – ranging from craft to strategy, from IC to mentorship, from prototyping for usability testing to facilitating ice breakers.

This talk will walk the audience through a real-time job description of a designer in 2019 – one that can thrive only if it continues to adapt.
Deck: https://speakerdeck.com/blackduke/designing-designers-time

Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Three key takeaways


1.Start self-reflecting
2. Audit and implement the right career framework
3. Identify skills and find your mentors

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