UX Specialist,


Tanu is a Senior User Experience Designer at SAP where she is designing enterprise applications in the area of Digital Manufacturing.

Previously, she was a UX Lead at Samsung R&D. As a part of UX Innovation Labs at Samsung, she had designed digital experiences for Samsung’s flagship mobile phones, wearables, and IoT devices that were based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. For over 5 years, she has been designing digital experiences to enrich lives for business users and consumers­ both.

She strongly believes in the magic of design, that can make people’s lives simple and delightful.

You can find her reading or tinkering with gadgets or gardening in her free time.

18 min TED like Talk

Targeted to STANDARD – Foundation

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Are we responsible enough?

The talk would explain how design has created a huge impact on society with the help of some real-life examples. In the course of this talk, the focus will be laid on how design leads to a change in human behavior and how this at times, can prove to be detrimental. Later on, the talk will also outline the measures, designers could take to expand their horizons in order to avoid negative implications of their designs in the long run.

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Three key takeaways

Designers would get an understanding of :

  1. How design can alter human behavior
  2. Responsibilities that lie beyond than just creating acceptable products.
  3. Redefined meaning of “good design”
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