Senior Interaction Designer
frog Design, Bangalore, India

Ruchin’s diverse practical experience includes working in multi-disciplinary teams to design delightful experiences, assisting young start-ups as well as larger organisations to blend design in their business strategy and product roadmap, researching opportunities for design intervention and advocating a people centered approach to problem solving.

Ruchin has led teams and projects to reinvigorate businesses, improve customer satisfaction and launch new brands, products and services for clients such as Google, IKEA, IBM and Tata.

3 hrs Workshop (Half Day hands on)

Targeted to STANDARD – Foundation

Track 1: Experiences, Artifacts, and Emerging Tech

Fit and Forget: Dreams and Realities of Smart Home Living

What do urban Indians wish for when they dream about living in smarter homes?
This session aims at making people speculate about their possible future homes and attempts to unveil the motivations behind their imagined lifestyles.

Track 1: Experiences, Artifacts, and Emerging Tech

Three key takeaways

Through this workshop, participants can expect to:
1. Get introduced to methods such as futurecasting and co-creation – to imagine future scenarios and design for them
2. Learn about the current possibilities, challenges and opportunities for designing for smart homes – especially in India

Rough outline of your workshop

15 mins – Introduction
60 mins – Part 1 – Collaborative Ideation Session 1
45 mins – Part 2 – Collaborative Ideation Session 2
20 mins – Part 3 – Show and Tell
15 mins – Part 4 – A brief talk about broad emerging themes, challenges and relevant case studies
15 mins – Q&A

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