Head of Design,

Ramakrishna is currently heading the design team at Zeta, a fintech company and has previously worked with prominent startups like Housing.com and Zoho. He usually takes complex problems and distills them into user-friendly flows to improve the life of people.

Ramakrishna’s work demonstrates his ability to capitalize on every pixel for the overall benefit of startups or established enterprises trying to reach consumers.

Travelling is like the blood in his veins. He is always endlessly inspired by nature and adventures. Waking up in a different city, making friends and exploring the world is what he loves the most.

6 hrs Workshop (Full Day hands on)

Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate

Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Co-presenter details – Saptarshi Prakash

UX Choreography

The year is 2050 & humans are so busy that they have no time for anything else. They heavily depend on mobile apps for every task – from hailing their rides to ordering food. Does it sound like future? Not at all! This is pretty much 2019, the world we live in.

Today, when we already have multitudes of fully-functional apps, what sets one apart from another? The answer is UX. As creators, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our solutions don’t just work, but they work in the best way possible. In todays world of minimalism & simplicity, motion design is the proven way to make the apps and solutions stand out from the others, and at the same time increase usability, utility and desirability.

Motion design involves some deep analysis and thoughtful approach to ensure a clear purpose, but that is just one side of the story. Like they say, animations should become the icing on the cake, not a fly in the bater.

Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Co-presenter details – Saptarshi Prakash

Three key takeaways

1. Understanding the need of motion design
2. Creating motion design
3. Integrating motion design in digital products


Rough outline of the workshop

– A brief introduction to UX
– Function over Form – Examples & brainstorming
– Introduction to Motion in UX – UX Choreography
– Real life problems
– Purpose of motion
– Motion vs No Motion – Examples & brainstorming
– What not to do – Examples & brainstorming
– Introduction to tools – After Effects
– Getting comfortable with the interface.
– Basic demonstration
– Step by step hand-held interactive session which includes creating a moderately complicated UI animation using Adobe After Effects (60% of time)

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