Nutanix, INDIA
Parikshit crafts enterprise products at Nutanix. His earlier career in Architecture helped him develop unique perception about User experience Design. Parikshit pursued Master of Design at the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. After Interning with Microsoft, he is working on an extremely exciting IoT management platform at Nutanix.

The constant endeavour to craft simple, delightful and efficient solutions for complex enterprise problems is what inspired him to give this talk.

In addition to interaction design, Parikshit loves to paint in traditional as well as digital mediums. If you love to talk about The Influence of history, politics, culture and religion on design, feel free to have a word with him.

18 min TED like Talk

Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Bridging the gap – The similarities and differences between Enterprise and Consumer grade design

Enterprise design is considered as a non-glamorous, boring and complex stepchild of Experience design in the IT industry. Institutes do not cover it as a part of their syllabus. Designers tend to feel there is less scope for innovations and overall the assumption is that – enterprise design is not ‘cool’ enough.

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Three key takeaways


1. What are the interesting challenges in enterprise design.
2. Why enterprise design should start taking steps towards the consumer-grade design.
3. What design and research methods should a designer follow to achieve that. and a lot of examples/case studies.

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