UX Manager
JDA Software, India


I have over 13+ years of experience in designing effective User Experience, Interactions, UX Management and Problem Solving.

Currently working as UX Manager at JDA Software. My areas of specialisation are user research, design for AI, ML, Big Data, AR, VR, Voice (VUI), Blockchain, Information architecture and accessibility.
My main deliverables includes next gen software concepts, product wireframes, ux guideline, specifications, interaction design flows, high and low fidelity mockups, IA diagrams, sales demos, Business requirement documents.

18 min TED like Talk
Targeted to STANDARD – Foundation

Track 1: Experiences, Artifacts, and Emerging Tech

Dead-end in Immersive Technology (AR /VR and MR) lead UX?

AR, VR and MR reality technologies have the potential to change the world as we know it, from the future of work to education, city planning, healthcare, and more other domains. In the beginning, these technologies was meant as the optimal target group. With many devices being released it was only a question of bringing the price down low enough for the average users to jump This is not exactly what happened. Prices dropped, but the large adoption of the technology by user never materialised. This presentation would showcase a case study why some of emerging technologies are failed in past and still failing at present because of not considering human angel to have better adoption.

Track 1: Experiences, Artifacts, and Emerging Tech

Three key takeaways

1.How the technology shaping future of User Experience?
2.Human centric angel in technology
3.How new technologies should be used for better adoption.

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