Design Research Lead
Pensaar Design, INDIA
Kavitha Appaya like many billion other Indians completed her engineering in Biotechnology. She has spent the last 9 years diving head first into jobs that have always fascinated her and to this day remain passion projects.

Her product development and analytical skills as a Quality Assurance & Quality Control scientist in her previous job in winemaking and brewing lent itself well when she took the leap into Design Research at Pensaar. Her love for understanding the motivations and desires that drive behaviour gives her an edge at identifying patterns and unearthing insights that set the stage for the design of new products and solutions.

Her past experience additionally in environmental consulting and designing winery & brewery tour experiences helps her bring new perspectives and diverse thinking to the table.

She has also been a presenter at several events such as AgileIndia, and the ProductGeeks Conference 2018, speaking about the design thinking process and research.

18min TED like talk

Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

UX Research – the (underrated) key to a great customer experience.

The saying “customer is king” has never been truer. Everyone from startups to large corporates know that the customer experience can make or break even the best product. But how well do we know these users?

Only the curated thoughts of a customer reach the teams designing the user experience. Surveys and questionnaires can capture the ‘what’ but never really capture the ‘why’;and uncovering unobvious customer insights.

We will also talk about how iterative prototyping in research can unearth actual customer behavior, with examples from our wide range of projects such as Dvara, an MFI that works for financial literacy. We will present the way we used deep analysis and synthesis of this behavioral data, led to a digital solution that was not only simple and intuitive for the customer to use, but also empowered everyone to save in smarter, more efficient ways.

We will also speak of our work with an e-commerce company, and how a deep understanding of their vendors led to a redesign in the seller experience. From interviews to wireframes to visual design, we will display the entire process. The talk will communicate the importance of research to customer experiences; with real world examples.

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Co-presenter Details – Alisha Raghavan

Three key takeaways


1) How research affects customer experiences/ the value of in depth research
2) Providing examples of this value across different sectors
3) Quick tips on how you can do it yourself.

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