Clinical UX Specialist
Dr-Hyphen, United Kingdom

30 min Case study

Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Behaviour Change in Digital Health – A Research Case Study

Despite the many technological achievements currently on offer, such as AR, VR and AI, many solutions in healthcare are not always solving problems. There are complex issues such as racism, sexism and social class which still has negative impact on health outcomes for people around the world. Technology designed without considering these issues will fail to address them. During this talk, Dr Gyles Morrison will explore the importance of Behaviour Change Theory when designing digital health solutions to ensure positive change is achieved. He will discuss some of his own research which has explored the use of a personalised health record on a Sickle Cell patient’s phone specifically designed for use by clinicians treating them in Emergency settings.

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Three key takeaways


1.Healthcare needs more designers, especially designers who know about
2.Behaviour change is complex, but can be successfully incorporated in to the design of healthcare technology and services.
3.We must design better technology if we are to provide great healthcare for all citizens of the world.

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