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Daksh was born in Udaipur and brought up in Delhi. After completing his Bachelors in Industrial Design from Symbiosis International University, he worked at some of the oldest product design firms in the country gaining him over 3 years of work experience in Industrial and Service Design . He further went onto to pursue Masters in Design from IIT Guwahati which focuses on an exploratory and a non linear approach towards design. This talk has been inspired by his experience from his thesis.He believes in “Designing for a world you want to live in.” Along with his batchmates he has published a paper in the prestigious ACM Digital Library at IIT Guwahati after winning OZCHI 2017 Student Design Challenge and presenting their work at Brisbane, Australia. After being a UX intern at Microsoft, he is currently working as a UX designer at Myntra Designs. He has keen interest in composing music and wood working.

18 min TED like Talk
Targeted to STANDARD – Foundation

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Voices – Bridging Two Generations

India is greying. It is home to around 100 million elderly individuals. They live beyond sixties because of better standards of living and medical breakthroughs. Around 15 million of them are all alone today. Absence of any goal-directed activity and an inactive mind hastens disability, a sense of social withdrawal or feelings of neglect. This is common in old age homes today. Emotional illness in this segment of the society is under-identified and usually medicalised. The stigma surrounding this makes elders reluctant to seek help or communicate. On the other side of this social spectrum are orphanages. Many orphans have found homes and a sense of purpose because of this. However they lack meaningful social interactions and learnings about life experiences from elders. Intergenerational programming aims at bridging the gap between the young and the old. The purpose of this is mutual benefit through planned interactions. The aim of such programmes includes conducting activities to achieve educational, developmental psychosocial benefits. The objective of this pilot project was to link an orphanage to an old age home through a set of workshops to promote new patterns of social interactions. The talk aims at promoting the insights gathered from the pilot.This talk explores methods and principles of designing accessible data visualizations. These visualizations will enable all users to access the same insight from the same pool of data, irrespective of any kind of visual impairment they might have.

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Three key takeaways

1. Embracing design and technology, as a source for propagating such ideas and envisioning to make them scalable in the future.
2. Reimagining themes like Mutual Belonging, Human Connect and the idea of a Community
3. Creating a new pattern of social networking for consciously driven youth, trying to do their bit for the society is the soul of this project.

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