Principal Designer
Grofers, India


A firm believer in learning -via-chaos, Chirag helps startups grow using design. A start up enthusiast, he has been designing products at Grofers since its early days.

18 min TED like Talk
Targeted to PREMIUM – Intermediate
Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Design to Startup

Creating something from scratch can be challenging. With so many unknowns, foggy vision, no ground zero, and unclear way forward, it can get overwhelming very often very soon. This talk is a set of guidelines aiming to help designers, CXOs, product owners and entrepreneurs to make something people love!

Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Three key takeaways

1: Don’t be different for the sake of being different: Being different is a byproduct of being good.
2: Don’t let agile kill the creativity: Don’t be perfect but don’t be annoying either.
3: Design for emotions: Designing for function is not enough; design to satisfy users’ emotions too.

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