Senior Manager of Research Operations,
ServiceNow, United States
A’verria Martin, Ph.D. is a productive, results-driven leader with 15 years of research and operations experience in both industry and academics. Currently, she is the Senior Manager of Research Operations at ServiceNow in San Diego, California. With a Master’s and Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, her roots are in Systems Theory, which is at the heart of UX. Understanding the delicate relationship and interconnectedness between product, business, and the user provides a holistic approach to research and design at scale. Using this framework, A’verria is deeply invested in developing, refining and implementing policies, procedures and educational materials that support researchers and non-researchers to initiate, conduct, and execute effective UX Research using standardized protocols and evidence-based methodology.

6 hrs Workshop (Full Day hands on)

Targeted to ELITE – Expert

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Co-presenter details – Randy Sieffert

The ‘Golden Thread’ – Tying the Design Lifecycle directly into product definition and business value.

In Research and Design we produce many artifacts such as personas, journey mapping, usability test results, and more to ultimately create useful, usable, and desirable products. However, it is sometimes difficult to see how each of these efforts lead directly to product outcomes. In this workshop we will review an integrated approach that allows a ‘golden thread’ to be weaved through the design lifecycle with clear visibility into direct product outcomes.

Integrating UX strategy and a harmonized design lifecycle from discovery through delivery provides a golden thread at all touch points that balances a deep understanding of the user and design process, as well as impact on business value. This shared paradigm enhances the way research, design, and business seamlessly integrate to deliver exceptional experiences that put people at the center of product. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to tie research and design artifacts directly into the product design process.

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Co-presenter details – Randy Sieffert

Three key takeaways

– a review of design lifecycles and typical research and design artifacts
– an understanding of how all of these artifacts connect in an integrated an holistic view
– how to connect this holistic view to product and business outcomes


Rough outline of the workshop

– Intros and Icebreakers
– Grounding presentation and activity on Design Lifecycles
– A review of Research and Design artifacts with activity
– Literal “thread” exercise to attempt to thread the pieces of the design process together
– Table top exercise for then connecting this thread to business outcomes

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