Reach, INDIA
Anuja Pitre is a co-founder at Reach where she runs ideation and design. Her work is aimed at inviting people to engage in informed, accessible conversations relating to public and social interest. She also serves as the in-house illustrator!

Her previous work includes using design as a tool to tackle various issues with a lens of civic and societal engagement.

30 min Case study
Targeted to STANDARD – Foundation
Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

How we took a step towards empowering the citizens of the largest democracy in the world through design

Besides is an initiative by Reach that provides verifiable, bite-sized facts to anyone with curiosity and an internet connection. This talk encapsulates the rationale for the initiative, and its hopefully far-reaching effects on Indian citizens actively informing themselves and participating in their society.

Track 4: Broader impact & change through design

Three key takeaways

1. Information is your friend, as long as it plays nice

2. Having many options doesn’t necessarily guarantee agency for the user

3. Designing for information symmetry is like staring down a hall of mirrors – biases reveal themselves!

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