Founder & Design Director
Lollypop Design Studio, INDIA
I am a designer turned Entrepreneur with 18 plus years of experience in the digital space. I envision to place India on a world map as a one stop “Design Destination” and has been actively contributing towards fuelling the Design mechanism.
18 min TED like Talk

Targeted to ELITE – Expert

Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Building a great Design Culture

We always say ‘Charity begins at home’ and this is true for every design studio as well. If you want to humanize design and. Technology, we have to focus on building a very strong design culture that enables designers and community.

A good Design culture encapsulates the ethos of communication, collaboration, trust, constructive criticism, feedback, sharing, learning, unlearning, and observing and much more. When a designer is fostered in a culture such as this, they can genuinely strive to humanize technology and design for the users.

Creating and fostering such a culture is no easy task. As we humans are beings of our habits and experiences. And as designers, we somehow have more reservations as we are comparatively more rebellious in our nature. Let’s learn how to mould our creative rebels into creative innovators.

Track 2: Design Leadership & Influence

Three key takeaways


o Important soft skills that every designer should have
o Important business skills that every designer should have
o Designing and building a culture in-house

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