Microsoft, India
Amit Dangwal heads the AI&R + Bing design team for Microsoft’s India Development Center. Amit is responsible for developing User Experiences for core Microsoft products like Cortana and Bing. Prior to this, Amit headed the India Office Design team and shipped Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on mobile. Amit has been with Microsoft for over 10 years, and was instrumental in building the design studio in Hyderabad.

At home, Amit talks to his wife about everything else but design, as she is also a designer. Amit loves to spend time with his two kids and is known to his friends as a gym and a fitness enthusiast, and can talk endlessly on the importance of diet and exercise in your daily routine.

3 hrs Workshop (Half Day hands on)
Targeted to STANDARD – Foundation
Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Human-Centred Intelligence

The workshop will be conducted in two parts, starting with a talk around topic of Intelligence, followed by a co creation session aimed at sensitizing the participants towards the role of Intelligence in product scenarios of today. The introductory talk will touch upon product scenarios & design principles around intelligence and how we use this technology to make our lives better. As a part of the workshop, the participants will form groups to identify problem areas and co-create scenarios for various product segments. We will end the workshop with the groups reporting out their problems and scenarios around intelligence in order to create great products for areas they work on.

Track 3: Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes

Three key takeaways

  1. Role of Intelligence in our solutions
  2. Principles around designing for intelligence
  3. Scenarios related to intelligence

Rough outline of the workshop

  • Introduction to intelligence
  • Examples/case studies of intelligence in products
  • Identifying problem areas/gaps in current domains
  • Develop a framework around scenario creation
  • Co-creating scenarios around intelligence in products
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