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15 years of UX in India

UXINDIA is proud to announce its 15th edition. We are now open for speaker proposals and looking forward to your content to be a key element of delivering a great experience to our audience. UXINDIA the biggest conference on design in India has been pioneering design for over 15 years. The event includes enthralling talks, unique workshops, and thought-provoking interactions lead by passionate thinkers and makers.

Experiences, Artifacts, and Emerging Tech

Interactions with digital artifacts and technologies are an inescapable facet of our everyday experience. Explore new relationships and intersections amongst and between experiences, artifacts, and technologies like AI, VR, and the ways in which meaningful and impactful interactions are designed, crafted, and engendered.

15 years is quite a long journey during which we have seen our industry transform from a nice-to-have skill to an industry transformative practice. UXINDIA 2018 had 700 people attend our conference last year. A good 1/3rd of them are loyal UXINDIA audience, now in senior roles looking to learn from your thought leadership. We get a tonne of interest every year from the graduating students and young designers in the early to mid experience range which forms the remaining 2/3rd. With their huge appetite for learning and hunger for growth, they are constantly looking for inspiration material that boosts their design IQ and that helps them learn new skills through workshops.


UXINDIA 2019 continues to explore the theme “Human by Design

With the evolution of tech and business, the influence of design has evolved too. We have come a long way from designing product interfaces for feedback and response, to creating user and customer experiences. Going beyond UX/UI, the role of design becomes paramount than ever in designing experiences for humans that reflect a sense of responsibility and that instill trust and confidence in the emerging tech.

Tech is now ready to tackle the mundane and will eventually be able to handle the sophisticated too thereby enhancing our abilities to take up more challenging and ambitious tasks of tomorrow. So should our design be human-friendly or tech-friendly? What does it take to design experiences that bring the very essence of human to our interactions with tech? How do we design for such a transition?

Design Leadership & Influence

Bring your inspiring stories on transformation and impact led by design influence and leadership. A great source of inspiration for our audience interested to follow in your footsteps and successfully drive design influence in their organizations and domains.

Design Systems, Research, Methods, and Processes 

Share your inventions and insights that open up new spaces for design, allow for engagement with new business groups, communities, and enable designers. How to go about creating design systems essential in elevating and broadening the playfield for design.

Broader impact & change through design

Design has the potential to enact positive change and/or tackle large-scale and complex societal, cultural, economic, environmental, and/or political challenges in the world. Share interesting non-main stream projects with design at the core.


Immersive Demo Sessions

This year we are introducing a special category to showcase innovative technology applications spanning areas like AI, AR/VR, Wearable Tech, IOT, Etc., You will have an opportunity to test your concepts, gain invaluable feedback and mesmerize our audience.



UXINDIA 2019 presents a set of programs where participants can absorb a lot of information to build, rebuild and enhance their careers by the expert guidance of some of the best UX practitioners, design schools and agencies. A full day of sharing valuable information, networking, rich opportunities to learn from design mentors, showcase talent and building connections remains the key attraction of the event.

Design X Awards

Celebrating design in India

UXINDIA 2019 is proud to announce our prestigious, premier Design X Awards in our endeavor to celebrate and elevate design in India. In order to sustain the quality, and standards of what we create and produce as a community, we need to recognize and reward the best design work. Design X Awards will showcase and honor best design work from Design Agencies, Enterprises, Startups, and Students from academia at the conference.

Design X Social Challenge

Encouraging innovative minds

A unique concept encouraging people to share their observations on an immediate societal issue and bring a design perspective in order to solve it and make a positive difference. The challenge requires candidates to first identify a social issue, explore a lot of innovative ideas providing a meaningful solution to it with entirely a design-thinking approach.

Design XPO

Exchange of information and ideas

A great platform that pulls together career seekers, prospective employees, recruiters, design schools and agencies looking for budding designers. If you are looking for an internship or want to start off your career in design, this event is just for you. Design career counseling, introduction of various young professionals and job seekers to employers and talent fairs, informal exchange of information by industry expertise will be the highlight of the networking event.

Design Career Orientation

ECounseling career decisions

If you are looking for a career in Design, our Career orientation program will help you clarify your career aspirations by erasing all doubts about the right design school to join, opportunities lying ahead, set of strengths required to achieve the goal and keep you informed about the upcoming challenges in the field. Our basic aim is to educate the students providing them a comprehensive set of information which will prepare them for a successful designing career.

UX Fair (UX Talent Fair + Design Agency Fair)

Best of ux talent and ux teams

Building on the great success of UX Talent Fair over the past years, UXINDIA 2019 completes the loop by bringing in top design agencies. Our audience will have great UX Fair experience where in hiring folks can connect with great talent and talent can connect with agencies over a networking dinner.

UX Ladder

Elevating design careers

‘UXLadder’, a one of a kind un-conferences launched to a great response at last year’s conference. The intent is to learn from expert speakers and audience interested in sharing their insights to elevate design careers of our community. With a series of audience driven discussions, where experts/mentors from the industry answer audience questions this un-conference lights up the conference.

Emerging Technologies & UX – Panel Discussion

Envisioning rich experiences of tomorrow

Industry leaders and professionals will discuss and provide insights in preparing for the future. The panel session will discuss how emergent tech would shape tomorrow’s experiences and businesses. What does it mean for our design community in terms of opportunities, threats, and skills required to ready up for future?

Industry + Academia Fusion – Panel Discussion

Powering design education and practice

IA Fusion’s aim is to create an ecosystem, where opportunities from the industry meet talent from the institutes through a sustained dialog which will help in cross learning. This year focus will be on the much-needed transformation of design skills that will help academia align with the digital transformation in the industry.

Women In Design– Panel Discussion

Celebrating success, and inspiration

With Women in Design UXIndia and its community has been drawing inspiration from the work of women designers, design leaders, the successful and the accomplished. This panel session features inspirational and successful women leading design from various streams like UX, design, architecture, art, social impact, business, and innovation.

Design Startup – Panel Discussion

Driving start-ups and new businesses by design

This hugely successful panel session brings experts from design, startup world, business, education, and governance together. The panel deliberates on how to nurture design thinking at all levels in order to enable new start-ups and businesses in solving solve new, relevant, and challenging problems of tomorrow and make ‘Design in India’ real.

Design Leadership – Panel Discussion

Leading by example

Brings together thought leaders and experts who confer about the future of design leadership, core elements of designing, design tools to transform an idea into reality and how empathetically a design perspective can drive strategic solutions for a business. It is more of groupthink by design professionals discussing upon design teams facing common challenges, making substantial improvements with appropriate design leadership and implementing the right systems to drive innovation.

Design Heads Roundtable

Getting ideas spread

Where we invite Design heads of numerous organizations and institutions to discuss topics of importance related to the design industry, how enterprises can remain ahead of the curve by implementing design in business solutions, and how to take the industry forward as it has so much to do to simplify people’s life. We also discuss future job opportunities in UX/UI and despite adequate demand, the supply of UX talent being less, we confer about how UMO can help bridge the gap and be a great contributor to this discipline.

Design Educators roundtable

Advocating for design as a profession

A series of talks presided by various design schools to discuss UX design as a career discipline, numerous opportunities for aspiring UX designers, design skills required to boost career and further making way for job and internship openings. The discussion would touch all the bases in UX design including jobs on the market, an academic background to pursue UXD, best learning practices, UX design career track, newest tools and methodologies and so on thereby acting as a career advisor and educator for the prospective designers.

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