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Organizations participating in the UXINDIA 2019

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Organizations participating in the UXINDIA 2019

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Convince your Manager /Design Head to attend UXINDIA2019


UXINDIA ’19 India’s biggest conference on User Experience Design is being celebrated on 9, 10 & 11 September 2019 at Novotel – HICC, Hyderabad, and I’m requesting you to approve my visit for the same. This is a great opportunity to gain practical insights and hear success stories from international and superstar designers, the visionaries, the game changers, and UXINDIA brings them all to one platform, where you will see them in person, hear their personal accounts and get a chance to meet and talk with them.

This will be particularly beneficial for [PROJECT 1] and [PROJECT 2] of our company as well. Apart from that, there are numerous opportunities of meeting UX Giants, attend hands-on immersive workshops, keynote talks on design trends, case studies on how other companies are solving enterprise UX problems, panel discussions on emerging technology, Design leadership, Design Awards and Design XPO of how design can solve business as well as social problems.

I especially look forward to learning about the future of UX, designing the enterprise software for people, and influence of emerging technologies on design, etc – directly from the people behind UX – and sharing these insights with our team.

I estimate that my attendance at this event will cost [₹ HERE] – which includes travel, accommodation, and registration. Let me know if you are comfortable with this and accept my proposal of going on board while we can work together to plan out pre-event and post-event action items. Looking forward to having a positive reply.

Event site: www.ux-india.org/uxindia2019

Why should I be part of UXINDIA 2019

Meet the Super Stars
Hundreds of students graduate in design each year and further more have been practicing this elusive discipline their whole lives, but few make the impact which changes the game. Yes, they are the super stars, the visionaries, the game changers. And UXINDIA brings them to all to one platform, where you will see them in person, hear their personal accounts and get a chance to meet and talk with them.

Be Inspired
The three day inspiration filled event offers you to be part of a like-minded group of people such as professionals, young students and those who have started their own practice. You will attend workshops and talks with them and the three days wouldn’t be enough for all the enthusiasm and inspiring discussions.

Be Updated
Design as a discipline has been undergoing change since its inception, and will go on evolving as the trend suggests. Its extremely important to be with the change and be updated about the new ideas. UXINDIA offers you a single platform where new ideas such as Lean UX, Strategic Leadership in Design and Design Thinking will be discussed by the experienced of the industry.

The Experience
There are many students who have had a difficult time choosing one branch of design. After all, everything is so interesting. Events like these allow students and even professionals to rediscover the possibilities of their branch and explore those of others and leave the conference more informed and confident.

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