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‘Design X
Social Innovation Challenge’19

Learn how to design, Create social impact, and Win awards
Design X Social is UMO.Design i.e., UMO’s core event which reflects its founding philosophy of ‘good design for better living’. This social innovation challenge aims to create a positive impact in the lives of people by identifying social issues and addressing them by design.

DISQ to partner with UMO Design Foundation as a potential incubation opportunity at Design X Social Innovation Challenge 2019

As part of the strategic partnership, there may be a 12-month potential pre-incubation opportunity for the top ideas and teams at UX India Design X Social Innovation Challenge 2019


Gold Design X Social Trophy
1. Team Shark
2. Team Raahi
3. Team Safety Junction
Special Jury Blue Design X Social Trophy

Team  Socialign

People Choice Award Red Design X Social Trophy

Team Safety Junction



Team Safety Junction

John Abraham

Jamshed KV

Nivedha A

Naveen IR

Mentor: Himanshu Bandal

Team Shark

Omkar Khadamkar

Akshay Katkade

Akshay Nikam

Swastika Dash

Mentor: Ashima Sood

Team Socialalign

Vaibhav Vardhan


Abhiram Reddy Kadimetla

Mentor: Abhay Vohra


Team Raahi

Yallaling Naik

Ayushi Gupta

Muskan K

Subin K

Mentor: Hemanth Annumandala

Team Friction

Md. Arif Ahmed

Chiranjeeb Deb

Tushar Sindhwal

Abhishek Sudharshan

Gaurav Swarnkar

Mentor: Vivek Chondagar

A Call to action for Academia, Enterprises and Citizens
In today’s connected world, everyone is empowered to influence a positive change. Living in cities we are uniquely positioned to inspire and foster innovation. With a bit of imagination and passion we can identify and solve pressing social and economic issues of the day – as well as meet the challenges of tomorrow. To top it, the support of local government will boost this and make the vision a reality.
Join UMO.Design’s mission and inspire bold innovations.

Solve an urgent problem

Design X Social challenge help cities develop ideas and solve the most urgent problems. We partner with local governments and businesses to accelerate idea development with the community expertise.

Join UMO.Design network and learn design

All entrants irrespective of their background receive expert guidance to develop their ideas and get to join UMO.Design’s network, which identifies, elevates, and promotes innovations that work across cities.

Win awards

Participants and winning entries receive recognition and awards. With the support of local governments, UMO aims to setup innovation funds to test your ideas and develop further.

The urgent problem

“Public Safety & Well Being in Transportation” is this year’s topic. We request the participating teams to dig deeper into this area and identify an issue that you would like to solve.

The urgent problem

“Public Safety & Well Being in Transportation” is this year’s topic. We request the participating teams to dig deeper into this area and identify an issue that you would like to solve.

Transportation is an area where we face several issues in our day-to-day lives. It is a necessary and essential evil that we have to live with. But any problem can be solved with the right mix of people, strategy, and approach in a timely manner. ‘Design’ is a powerful tool to identify, solve and persuade the biggest of blockers for a positive change.
Who should take part?
People from any domain and from any walk of life, passionate about bringing social change are encouraged to take part in this challenge. ‘Design X Social Innovation Challenge’ is your platform to work towards bringing a change.

Educational Institutions

Some of the most inspiring and innovative ideas come from educational institutions. Demonstrate your social responsibility by encouraging your students to take part in this challenge.

Businesses and Enterprises

Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility by encouraging your employees to take part in this challenge. They could be designers, technologists, or anyone inspired to bring social impact.

Responsible Citizens

Citizens who care, who are keen to bring change and solve urgent social issues we see in our day-to-day lives, You don’t need to have any special skills in design or technology. We provide you with required expertise to help you shape and present your idea.
Why take part?
Bring social change with design by identifying and solving an urgent social problem. ‘Transportation’ is an area where we face several issues in our day-to-day lives. If you are concerned about this and have an opinion, then this is your chance to express your opinion and ideas through design. Take part in this challenge to

Work closely with a govt representative

Learn design firsthand with expert design mentors

Get discounted (not on Early Bird) entry to UXINDIA 2019

Top 3 will win Design X Social Innovation Awards at UXINDIA 2019

Showcase your innovation at UXINDIA 2019 EXPO

Get participation certificate

Design X Social Challenge Awards
UMO.Design has been actively recognizing high quality design work in enterprises, academia and design agencies over the years.

Design X Social Challenge is a first of its kind in India. UMO.Design is determined to take this challenge locally in cities and scale it to the national level. As a part of this UMO.Design is proud to launch Design X Social Awards to recognize the best in the following.

Design X Social Best Design Award

Design X Social Special Jury Award

Design X Social People Choice Award

Recognition & Reward
UXINDIA will be honoring the winners with the following awards.

Winners Gold Design X Award Trophy (3)

Special Jury Blue Design X Award Trophy

People Choice Award Red Design X Award Trophy

Certificates :
Besides trophies all members of the winning teams who are present at the conference will be given certificates.
All the participants present (a poster) at XPO on 10th Sep’2019 and The winners will be awarded Design X Social Awards at the UXINDIA International Conference 2019, Novotel – HiCC, Hyderabad, India on 11th Sep’2019.
Submission Process & Timeline
It is really important to follow the process and date and times specified below. This fundamental for your entry to be considered, have a chance to win an award and drive social change.
Form teams and sign up for the challenge

Whether you are from the academia, from the industry or a citizen, you should participate in teams.

  • Minimum team size is 3 and maximum 5
  • We encourage diversity in your teams. Diversity in expertise, industry domain, gender, etc.,
  • Brownie points for including a common man/ citizen in your teams.Entry Fee
  • There is no Entry Fees. Your registration ticket to the conference is enough
  • All the team members must register for the conference
  • Buy tickets to the conference and make a note of  Ticket Number
  • You can register as a team. In case you register individually, please mention primary member’s Ticket Number
  • Click on the “Submit your Team” and enter the Ticket Number in the form.
  • Fill in details in the online submission form
  • Repeat the steps if you have multiple entries.
Teams will be assigned a mentor (optional)

An expert design mentor from the industry will help you, guide you from the beginning to the end of the process.

25 Jul
Identify a social issue

For the “ Public Safety & Well Being in Transportation” domain.

Documentation Format:

Well documented Google slide deck with the following points. You can use photos, videos, etc., to capture the problem
a. The problem identified
b. Why is it an urgent/important problem?
c. Target user – Who is getting affected by the problem?
d. What is the significance and impact of the problem?
e. When solved how will it make this world a better place for the identified target user or user group.
d. Share the Google slide deck ‘ Anyone with the link can comment’ mode

Please share your Google slide deck with [email protected]


27 Jul
Feedback on the submitted Problem

You will be provided a feedback from our Design X Social challenge team.
Get introduced to a Govt. Representative

This govt representative will act an SME for the Transportation domain. This mentor will be a bouncing wall for you to validate your problems, assumptions and solution ideas.
17 Aug
Submit your proposed solution.

Your proposed solution could either be a digital/software product, service or a physical product.

Submission Format:

Update your original slide deck used to submit the problem with your solution. Feel free to include sketches, mockups, hi-fi prototypes or a video showcasing the solution

a. How does your solution address the problem?
b. Any alternatives you have considered?
c. Why is it a best solution?
d. How does it change the lives of the target user or users groups
e. What does it take to implement this solution?

24 Aug
Feedback on the Solution.

You will be provided a feedback from our Design X Social challenge team on your solutions..
31 Aug
Prepare a poster

A maximum of two A2 size (16.5 X 23.4 inches or 420 X 594mm) posters can be used and should illustrate the problem, solution and process based on a template we provide. These will be displayed at UXINDIA 2019 XPO on Sept 10th.
10 Sep
Shortlisted entries

Top 5 shortlisted entries will get a chance to present to the jury at UXINDIA 2019 conference.
11 Sep
Winners and Awards

Top 3 winners will be presented awards at a grand event on the day 3 at UXINDIA 2019 conference.
Evaluation Criteria & Process
Design X Social Innovation Challenge 2019 evaluation is based on the following criteria of Design Excellence. A winning design meets most of these criteria in a positive manner

Significance of the problem

Why is this an important problem to solve and what is its potential impact?

Design Innovation

How is this design unique or innovative?

User Experience

Does it deliver a simple, intuitive or delightful UX? How?

Design Process

Process taken in addressing the problem/opportunity and meeting user needs/goals.

Craft and Aesthetics

The judges will use the provided visual materials (photos; optional video) to assess this category.

Benefit to the Client/Business or Society

  • How does this design improve the client’s profitability, brand reputation and/or employee morale?
  • How does this design benefit greater good; consider society, the environment, culture and/or the economy?
Want to get involved?
Sign up. Be the change you want to see.
Hope you are excited about this challenge. This is the time to go after the issues that we have been either taking a note of in our sketchbooks on in the back of our minds for a long time.

Be the change

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