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UXINDIA 2020 is a part of the UMO Unites Experience program. UMO Unites celebrates crowdsourced ideas, social innovation, knowledge sharing, talent sourcing, and more.

It is UMO.Design’s straight from the heart initiative that reflects our founding philosophy of “good design for better living” by connecting the inspired with the enablers

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Submit your thoughts, ideas, expressions, big problems, opportunities, etc.,


This is designed to be a group project. We would love you to pick your friends, family or anyone from any background.


Connect with like-minded people and solve urgent social issues identified by an NGOs and Govs.


We are lining up a very interesting cadence of talks and expert speakers to cover a broad range of diverse topics

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Join us to celebrate India’s biggest conference on User Experience Design. Your support helps our design community. If you are interested in partnering with us, please email [email protected] 


15 years of



Thank you for being a part of UXINDIA 2019 which was held at Novotel, Hyderabad on 9, 10, 11 Sept 2019. With over 800+ attendees, it was truly India’s largest conference on user experience design.

We are constantly working to improve the conference experience, please feel free to reach out to us for any queries or suggestions at [email protected] 

Stay tuned for updates on UXINDIA 2020.

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 This is our conference. For designers by designers

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Tell us how we can make it even better.


Let’s plan and curate our conference.
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Glimpses from UXINDIA’19

UXINDIA 2019 was a sold out conference which was being held on 9, 10, 11 Sept 2019 at Novotel, Hyderabad.

Design X Social 2019


UMO’s core event which reflects its founding philosophy of ‘good design for better living’. This social innovation challenge aims to create a positive impact in the lives of people by identifying social issues and addressing them by design

Design X Awards 2019


We thank our community, participants, sponsors and partners for their continued in inspiring and motivating professionals and students to produce great/innovative work.


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Paul Sherman at UXINDIA

Paul Sherman

The UXIndia conference is THE one conference you need to go to in Asia. The programming was fantastic, and the attendees were enthusiastic and eager to learn and interact with fellow professionals.

Mario Van der Meulen

I visited and participated as a speaker on both 2016 and 2017 editions of UXIndia, and both events were highly engaging. I observed how the conference grew - and got even better. As a speaker, the reception and care received from the organisation and the audience is both inspiring and humbling. I hold UXIndia very dear, and look forward to more engaging conversations and inspirational moments.
Steve-Fadden at UXINDIA

Steve Fadden

It's such a pleasure to be able to participate and meet with so many wonderful UX practitioners, visionaries, and mentors at UX India! Thank you for providing access to so many excellent speakers and amazing people in the international UX field!

Prashanth Shanmugasundaram

UXINDIA is by far the best UX Conference happening in India. It's like a vacation for the designers to take a break from regular work and go about to meet all the like minded people who speak design. The conference always has the right mix of technology, design and Innovation. It is so refreshing every year and the organizing team has always exceeded the expectations of the participants by all means. I have been a speaker at UXINDIA for the last 3 times in a row and would still love to be a part in all upcoming years. I thank the entire organizing team for making this conference so interesting and enthralling year after year with your standards kept high as sky!
Sanskriti-Patil, UXINDIA

Sanskriti Patil

UXINDIA 2017 was a great experience where I could meet lot of designers who came up with different perspectives about UX design. The talks by some of the experts in design field gave a good exposure to things we were yet to discover in our career. The entire conference was a world of designer's place to be!

Hetal Jani

With the gamut of 560+ participants and 70+ speakers, it turned out to be an event of huge learning, sharing and networking! Some really good presentations and hands-on workshops, that included a lot of real-world, actionable take-aways for the participants. Thought I’d let you know just how thoroughly I enjoyed UXIndia 2017, both as a speaker, as well as a participant. Keep up with the good work guys! 🙂

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